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  • Early Research Experience

A central aspect of the program is to promote the involvement of students in ongoing research projects, generating instances of participation in the transfer of knowledge from the basic social sciences to specific applications. In this way, students are exposed to contexts where they can develop the capacity to engage in critical dialogues, assume leadership and responsibilities within work teams and manage resources.

  • Access to global collaboration network

In a globalized academic world it is crucial to be connected to a global network of excellence. The DCCS incorporates the possibility that doctoral students, who have completed the training requirements and approved their thesis project, therefore are a candidate for a doctor, and also have an intermediate / advanced level of academic English, can develop international internships or co-tutels, especially in the related centers that of the research network with which the program and / or the university collaborate.

  • Interdisciplinary research

The doctorate provides a rigorous theoretical training presenting an integrated approach to understand both the biological foundations of the behavior of individuals in society and the phenomena that emerge from their interaction with others. In addition, this theoretical framework is enriched by a methodological training and mastery of quantitative techniques of empirical research in game theory, network theory, social neuroscience, modeling of social dynamics, experimentation methods and micro and econometric theory.

  • Access to transference networks and skills development for the insertion in the productive sector

In the research transfer model, it is intended to generate the conditions for the conceptual approaches of the basic social sciences and their methods to be applied in groups and contexts of interest. It is also encouraged that the results of the research contribute to the solution of relevant problems through collaboration with work teams close to the productive sector in which transfer potential has been identified.

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Desde julio 2019 hasta julio 2024

Agencia: Acreditado por la Comisión Nacional de Acreditación (CNA)