• Duration of program: 4 years.
  • Full time status.
  • Starting date: August each year.
  • Degree offered: Social Complexity Sciences Doctor of Philosophy.
  • Number of vacancies: Up to 5 students.
  • Full scholarship per student covers the complete cost of the program (tuition and registration fees), a monthly stipend of 1 million Chilean pesos and a food scholarship, for the duration of the doctoral program.
    Referencial costs (in Chilean pesos):
    $20.000.000 Tuition (8 semesters); $500.000 Registration fees.

Application deadlines

  • Application period: AS OF DECEMBER 2018
  • Start of academic period: August.
Doctorado en Ciencias de la Complejidad Social UDD - En proceso de Evaluación - No Acreditado