The Doctoral Program in Social Complexity Sciences trains students in interdisciplinary research of high impact in social science, with international standards of excellence. The program is oriented to a diverse group of students from the natural and social sciences.


CICS links with Research Centers on Bases of Human Behavior 2017
2017 | News

The II Workshop organized by the Center for Research in Social Complexity (CICS), the Laboratory of Evolution and Interpersonal Relations (LERI) and the Center for Advanced Studies (CEA), deepened the study of the construction of social relations from psychology, neurosciences and tools traditionally used in economics. “Let’s be bilingual in terms of discipline.” With this […]

[CICS on tour] DCCS in Complex System 2017 Conference
2017 | News

Four students of the Doctorate in Social Complexity Sciences (DCCS in spanish) presented their work at this event, held for the first time in Latin America. The Complex System Society with Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM) organized and gathered in Cancun the protagonists of the scientific and technological innovation for the investigation of Complex Systems. […]

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