The Doctoral Program in Social Complexity Sciences trains students in interdisciplinary research of high impact in social science, with international standards of excellence. The program is oriented to a diverse group of students from the natural and social sciences.


CICS presented at the scientific outreach “Nerd Nites”
2017 | News

Carlos Rodríguez-Sickert, director of the Center for Research in Social Complexity, presented at the IF Theater about the emergence of meritocracy in a Market Society from an approach that included modeling social behavior along with Network Theory. The marathon celebrated a year gathering scientific topics in a relaxed space for the general public.

CICS researchers presented advances in NetSci 2017
2017 | News

Two students from the first generation of the DCCS showed their work in the most important conference of the world on Network Science, which was held this year in Indianapolis, United States.

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