The Doctoral Program in Social Complexity Sciences trains students in interdisciplinary research of high impact in social science, with international standards of excellence. The program is oriented to a diverse group of students from the natural and social sciences.


CICS is awarded with project of Innovation Projects and Teaching Strengthening
2017 | News

PhD researchers Carlos Rodríguez-Sickert and Cecilia Monge-Babich, together with DCCS student Ignacio Toledo were awarded a project for the development of resources for teaching support. The project, called a didactic artifact for the practical teaching of experimental game theory, seeks to build a machine that allows the playing of game theory games with material sustenance. […]

Director of CICS awarded as co-researcher in FONDECYT project
2017 | News

Carlos Rodríguez-Sickert, Director of our center, will be a co-researcher on the FONDECYT project titled An evolutionary explanation to elucidate the common psychological root between cooperation and aggressiveness: The Male Warrior Hypothesis, led by José Antonio Muñoz from the Center for Advanced Studies at UPLA as main investigator. For many years, José Antonio has had […]

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