Graduated Profile

The purpose of the PhD in Social Complexity Sciences is to prepare students for positions of academic research and applied research, as well as teaching, inserting themselves in the labor world from the interdisciplinary convergence around the paradigm of complexity sciences. That is, the study of social systems whose functioning and evolution can not be properly explained from the mere aggregation of their components.

Based on the above, the Doctorate in Social Complexity Sciences postulates that its graduates will be able to:

  • From theoretical training, identify complex social phenomena that are present in contemporary society.
  • From the methodological training, propose explanations both of the characteristics of these social phenomena in a given period and of their change and / or evolution over time based on their own empirical research.
  • To develop excellence research autonomously and to lead research projects in interdisciplinary teams.
  • On the basis of the previous points, provide organizations with analysis and input for decision-making, as well as proposals for solutions for the specific demands they face in which a view from the social complexity is relevant .
  • Finally, the graduates will be able to deliver supplies for theoretical-practical solutions in the analyzed areas.

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Acreditado por 5 años

Desde julio 2019 hasta julio 2024

Agencia: Acreditado por la Comisión Nacional de Acreditación (CNA)