César Hidalgo

Ph.D. in Physics, University of Notre Dame - DCCS Visiting Professor

DCCS Visiting Professor
Director, Center for Collective Learning, Artificial and Natural Intelligence Institute, University of Toulouse.

Ph.D. in Physics, University of Notre Dame.
Director Collective Learning, MIT Media Lab, USA.

Research interest:
Social Networks, Big Data, Social Dynamics.

Mail: macro-admin@media.mit.edu
Phone: +617 253 5960
Address: MIT Media Lab, 77 Mass. Ave., E14/E15 Cambridge, MA 02139-4307 USA.


  • Gonzalez, M. C., Hidalgo, C. A., & Barabasi, A. L. (2008). Understanding individual human mobility patterns. Nature, 453(7196), 779-782.
  • Hidalgo, C. A., Klinger, B., Barabási, A. L., & Hausmann, R. (2007). The product space conditions the development of nations. Science, 317(5837), 482-487.
  • Hidalgo, C. A., & Hausmann, R. (2009). The building blocks of economic complexity. proceedings of the national academy of sciences, 106(26), 10570-10575.
  • Castro, A., & Rodriguez-Sickert, C. (2006). The effect of social interactions in the primary consumption life cycle of motion pictures. New Journal of Physics, 8(4), 52.
  • Hausmann, R., Hidalgo, C. A., Bustos, S., Coscia, M., Simoes, A., & Yildirim, M. A. (2014). The atlas of economic complexity: Mapping paths to prosperity. Mit Press.

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