[CICS on Tour] Two PhD investigations participated in the Human Behavior and Evolution Society 2017

Jorge Castillo and María Teresa Barbato presented their works, as an exhibition and poster respectively, focused on the study of Behavior Modeling from Evolutionary Psychology. Both exhibitions were the only intervention of chileans at the meeting in Idaho, United States.

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Human Behavior and Evolution Society (HBES) is the leading international organization for the study of evolution and human behavior. In its 2017 edition, Chile was present through two students of the first generation of the Doctorate in Sciences of Social Complexity.
Jorge Castillo, mathematical civil engineer, presented the advances of the study “Complexity and Play: resource availability changes social network structure of wild bonobos”, a joint work with Isabel Behncke and Tamas David-Barret. The biologist María Teresa Barbato presented the poster “Rational Moral Intuitions”, about the research she develops with Ricardo Guzmán and Leda Cosmides.
HBES is a society that brings together all those who study the evolution of human behavior. In line with the identity of the CICS, this includes scientific perspectives covering evolutionary psychology and a range of disciplines in the social and biological sciences.
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