Leda Cosmides and Tamas David-Barrett explored human behavior in interdisciplinary conferences


The researchers visited Chile as “International Fellows” of the CICS. During their stay in our country they gave interdisciplinary workshops with the presence of DCCS students.

In the framework of his visit as associate researcher of the Center for Social Complexity of the University of Development (CICS), Tamas David-Barrett, he discussed the factors that interfere in the evolutionary logic of looking for partners of humans and that is shared with other species. On the occasion, the expert on behavior and evolution of the University of Oxford, presented the results of a survey applied to 8 thousand participants and exposed the variations that occur between different populations, including the Latin American sample.

“Once you are part of a species linked by couples, you have a problem. You have to choose someone. When humans choose their romantic partners, either for a night, or for a lasting relationship, people use the same set of criteria as many other animals. This is not surprising, since we are animals, too, of course. Except, for an exclusively human factor of self-protection and empathy, “Tamas presented in his Labgroup:” The Uniqueness Of Human Pairchoice. ”

For its part, Leda Cosmides held the workshop “Can race be erased ?: Evolutionary psychology, alliance detection, and culture.” The outstanding American psychologist is recognized as founder of the field of evolutionary psychology, which considers the studies in cognitive science, human evolution, neuroscience, psychology and evolutionary biology, in order to approach the understanding of the human mind and brain. In his workshop, he presented the results of his research that argues that race coding is a reversible by-product of the cognitive machinery that evolved to detect coalition alliances.

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