CICS’ Neuroscience Division to participate in EXPOCIENCIA in Pichilemu

This event seeks to encourage a greater interest in science for the students.


For 3 weeks, from October 15 to November 7, the Agustín Ross Cultural Center in Pichilemu will welcome various scientific disciplines in order to have a closer and better understanding with the community by participating in exhibitions, lectures and workshops.

This event seeks to encourage a greater interest in science for the students and offer the general public more opportunities to access different areas of scientific knowledge.

In this context, the Social Complexity Research Centre and its Neurosciences team opened the exhibition “Brain and behavior: images from within” which seeks to represent the relationship between brain and behavior.

In order to do this, first they discuss what the current scientific understanding is in terms of how our brain processes the elements of the environment and how these processes relate to our behavior. Then they present real images of brain activity in subjects who have participated in experiments led by the team of neuroscientists of CICS.

During the exhibition, different brain mechanisms that people can identify with their daily lives are represented, but whose physiological correlate they don’t know, including: mechanisms that recognize mistakes and reinforce behaviors, or what happens in the brain when listening to music.

CICS’ exhibition will be exposed by the end of EXPOCIENCIA Pichilemu in Agustín Ross Cultural Center and then it will roam through various areas of disclosure.

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