Leda Cosmides

Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, University of Harvard - DCCS Visiting Professor

DCCS Visiting Professor
Distinguished Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences and Co-director, Center for Evolutionary. UC Santa Barbara.

Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology, University of Harvard.
A.B. in Biology, Harvard University
Co-Director Center for Evolutionary Psychology, UCSB.
Fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences


Foundations of Social Cognition and Social Behavior

Research interests:
Evolutionary psychology, Behavioral Sciences, generation of culture, social exchange.

Mail: leda.cosmides@psych.ucsb.edu
Google Scholar
Phone: (805) 893-8000
Address: Psychology East, Room 3808, University of California, Santa Barbara



  • Lieberman, D., Tooby, J. & Cosmides, L. (2003). Does morality have a biological basis? An empirical test of the factors governing moral sentiments relating to incest. Proceedings of the Royal Society London (Biological Sciences), 02PB0795, 1-8.
  • Stone, V., Cosmides, L., Tooby, J., Kroll, N. & Knight, R. (2002). Selective Impairment of Reasoning About Social Exchange in a Patient with Bilateral Limbic System Damage. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (August, 2002).
  • Sugiyama, L., Tooby, J. & Cosmides, L. (2002). Cross-cultural evidence of cognitive adaptations for social exchange among the Shiwiar of Ecuadorian Amazonia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (August, 2002).
  • Klein, S., Cosmides, L., Tooby, J., & Chance, S. (2002). Decisions and the evolution of memory: Multiple systems, multiple functions. Psychological Review, 109, 306-329.
  • Kurzban, R., Tooby, J. & Cosmides, L. (2001). Can race be erased?: Coalitional computation and social categorization. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 98(26), 15387-15392. (December 18, 2001).
  • Fiddick, L., Cosmides, L., & Tooby, J. (2000). No interpretation without representation: The role of domain-specific representations and inferences in the Wason selection task. Cognition, 77, 1-79.

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