Research Camp 2021: the Month of Research begins at the CICS DCCS

The long-awaited 2021 begins and the Research Center in Social Complexity (CICS), together with the Doctorate in Sciences of Social Complexity (DCCS), begins its month of research. As every January, this instance seeks that researchers, academics and students meet around the ongoing research projects and deepen in the complexities that each could present, to advance in the realization of new proposals, to analyze the current work, to conduct workshops to support student work and to publicize the work developed – and to be developed – based on the lines of research of the CICS and the DCCS. 

Dr. Aboitiz, Research Camp 2019.

Thus, from this January 4, 2021, groups of academics and researchers from various centers that collaborate with the CICS (including the Data Science Institute, CPP, Labcah, Leri, and others) along with DCCS students, begin to shape the research work, through working groups that will meet throughout the month based on the premise of “We help you with your problem” (“Te ayudamos con tu problema”). The virtual (and also semi-presential) classes for the 2020 generation will continue and, in parallel, students from previous generations will hold support workshops for their peers. 

At the end of the month, a scientific dissemination workshop will be held, given by experts from the Pontificia Universidad Católica, which seeks to “provide and to exercise the necessary tools to initiate young researchers in the field of science communication and that are capable of valuing the link with the non-scientific community and the various non-academic audiences”. 

In the same way, the CICS DCCS prepares a “virtual” visit of a recognized researcher, activity that expects to be open to the community and spread in a timely manner.

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