The DCCS welcomes the new generation of students

This Friday, August 7, concluded the week of welcoming the new generation of students of the Doctorate in Sciences of Social Complexity, who are integrated in a virtual way, in first instance, given the current context of pandemic that our country is facing. However, this did not prevent the implementation of various activities to integrate the new students. 

First meeting.

Thus, the new students (Monserrat Belinchón, Carlos Hidalgo, Francisco Reyne and Pedro Ávila) had their first introductory meeting on Monday, August 3, with the participation of the Dean of the Faculty of Government, Eugenio Guzmán; the Director of Research and Doctorates, Denise Saint-Jean; the Director of the Doctorate in Sciences of Social Complexity, Jorge Fábrega; the Director of the Center for Research in Social Complexity, Carlos Rodríguez; and the DCCS CICS Coordination team, made up of Tamara Yaikin, Daniela Estela and Francisca Martínez. 

On the occasion, Eugenio Guzman, said that “I firmly believe that this is an inter and multidisciplinary Faculty. (…) And although it is a ‘hard’ program, they will have the support of all the professors, (…) who have a true vocation for research. I welcome you and we hope to contribute to your development. 

Jorge Fábrega, for his part, went over the details of the Doctorate, presenting the lines of research, the collaboration networks, the academics who make up the programme and the work that is being developed in the community, as well as the impact that research has had on society, especially in relation to COVID-19. And Carlos Rodríguez added that “we are very interested in collaborative work within the students themselves and that has worked very well, from the different disciplines”. 

The following days, the four students held thematic meetings that addressed aspects of the research developed at the DCCS; they met the program’s academics and were inducted into the PhD program, all guided by the Director of the DCCS, Jorge Fábrega, and the Academic Coordinator, Francisca Martínez. 

The week concluded with a large welcome meeting of the CICS Community, in which professors, students of the current generations and also graduates were present, as well as the Coordination team. On the occasion, the students Gabriela Valdebenito and María Paz Martínez, both from the 2017 generation, made a welcome presentation for Monserrat, Claudio, Pedro and Francisco. In it, they showed images of the doctoral students in various activities, as well as giving “tips” for the incoming students. 


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