"Ojo con los cantos de sirena", the DCCS director's article in Ciper related to the Chilean economy

In the framework of the current worldwide health crisis caused by COVID-19, the Doctorate in Sciences of Social Complexity Sciences (DCCS) Director, Dr. Jorge Fábrega, was invited to participate in CIPER ACADÉMICO, a space for the discussion of the academic world, where he gave his opinion on the role of the Banco Central in this Pandemic. 

Ojo con los cantos de sirena” is the title of the article written by the academic, published recently, where he analyzes the effects of the economic crisis and the idea that the Central Bank lends money to the treasury and “whether or not it is appropriate to rethink the rules that define the monetary policy administered by the Banco Central”. 

And so, avoiding “technicalities”, the DCCS director goes over the edges of this issue because “this is a debate that was inevitable and it is very important to understand,” he says. 

“In the coming months, Chile will experience the closest thing to the economic consequences of a war, and under these circumstances it is reasonable to put on the table all the tools available to the state to confront a crisis as possible alternatives. – Jorge Fábrega.

Read the full Ciper’s article here

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