The DCCS CCS has a new doctorate graduate in Social Complexity Sciences

Jorge Urrutia.

Accompanied by family, friends and DCCS students, Jorge Urrutia Mosquera, of the Doctorate in  Social Complexity Sciences(DCCS) belonging to the second generation of doctoral students of the Program, this Wednesday, January 29th, presented his public defense to apply for the degree of Doctor in Social Complexity Sciences, at the RESB Campus of the Universidad del Desarrollo.

The student presented his research work “Latent demands and travel behavior in the city: Measurement of the impact of fiscal incentives on the consumption of low emission vehicles and measurement of the impact of mixed land use and density of points of interest on travel behavior”, being approved by the thesis committee which included the participation of Professors PhD Elisabetta Cherchi, Professor of Transport, Newcastle University, and Héctor López, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, as well as Jorge Fábrega and Rodrigo Troncoso from the UDD.

The presentation was made in front of an audience composed of the Dean of the Faculty of Government, Eugenio Guzmán; the Vice-Rector for Research and Doctorates, Sergio Hernández; the Director of Research and Doctorates, Denise Saint-Jean, the Doctorate in Social Complexity Sciences Director, Jorge Fábrega, and the Professor of the Faculty of Government, Juan Pablo Couyoumdjian.

Urrutia, who holds a degree in Mathematics and Physics from the Universidad Tecnológica del Chocó, and a Master’s degree in Operations Research and Statistics from the Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, Colombia, entered the Doctorate in Social Complexity Sciences in 2015, forming part of the second generation of doctoral students participating in this program. His research areas were focused on Discrete Choice Model, Decision Processes and Travel Behavior. Currently, the now PhD in Social Complexity Sciences is working on his research projects and future Post Doctorates.

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Desde julio 2019 hasta julio 2024

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