Víctor Márquez, DCCS student, won the "3-minute Pitch" contest at the 2019 UDD Science and Innovation Fair

By mid-month, the 5th Science and Innovation Fair at the RESB Campus of the Universidad del Desarrollo was held with a great attendance of pre and postgraduate students. The activity was organized by the Direction of Research and Doctorates (DID, as its Spanish acronym), with the support of the Scientific Association of Medicine Students  (ACEM) of Santiago and the Direction of Research of the Faculty of Medicine CAS-UDD.

Víctor Márquez,with PhD Anne Bliss.

Within the Fair, the “3-minute Pitch” contest was carried out, where students from different Doctorates of the University, develop their investigations and present them in an open exhibition, in front of a jury. The exhibition made by Victor Marquez, from the Doctorate in Sciences of Social Complexity (DCCS) of the CICS, Competition or cooperation? Decision-making based on time constraint, was awarded the prize by the jury and the public, who evaluated the number and type of words used, design, color and size of the slide, images, positive and negative spaces, among others.

Likewise, our students María Paz Martínez, Gabriela Valdebenito, Yerka Freire and Eduardo Díaz, presented their respective research in poster format, in front of a large audience of students, academics and UDD authorities.

3-minute Pitch

Delivered by PhD Anne Bliss, this year’s “Making your Pitch” workshop aimed to help students “prepare for their careers by teaching them how to deliver simplified information to all types of audiences and use persuasion to communicate ideas and research, whether for funding or for their working lives”.

The final presentations were made during the “3-minute Pitch” contest at the Science and Innovation Fair.


Anne Bliss, Senior Instructor Emeritus at the University of Colorado, who has worked with UDD doctoral students for the past four years, was appointed as a Permanent Visiting Professor. The University’s recognition was granted through the Vice Chancellor for Research and Doctorates, Sergio Hernandez.


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