DCCS students participate in new version of CESS experimental schools

Between July 22 and August 2, 2019, a new version of the summer/winter schools of experimental methods of the Center Experimental Social Sciences (CESS) of the Universidad de Santiago and the University of Oxford (Nuffield College) was held to promote and facilitate the development of experimental studies in Social Sciences in Chile and Latin America.

Each school is a course that lasts two weeks, whose content includes the design and implementation of social experiments and the analysis tools necessary for its support. In this way, the first week was focused on the design of experiments, with days especially dedicated to field, laboratory and online study. The second week was dedicated to the analysis and interpretation of experimental data. (Source:

The participants in this course, among which were the PhD students in Social Complexity Sciences, María Paz Martínez (2016 generation), Gabriela Fajardo, Víctor Márquez and Yessica Herrera (belonging to the 2018 generation), made a final presentation of an experimental design model based on their own research. For doing this, they nurtured the subjects taught, which included Causal Inference, Experimental Design, Field Experiments, Laboratory Experiments, Otree, Online Experiments, Violations of Experimental Protocols. In parallel, they received feedback from the school’s academics: Raymond Duch, Nelson Ruiz, Andrés Moya, Denise Laroze, Rodrigo Caputo, Mauricio López, David Klinowski.

DCCS students: Gabriela Fajargo (G2018), Víctor Márquez (G2018), María Paz Martínez (G2016), and Yessica Herrera (G2018).
Yessica Herrera at her final presentation.

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