Jorge Urrutia, DCCS student, is doing a research internship at the University of Newcastle

From January 15 to February 28, Jorge Urrutia, student of the 2015 generation of the Doctorate in Social Complexity Sciences (DCCS), is doing a research internship at the School of Civil Engineering and Geoscience, in the department of transport at the  Newcastle University, under the supervision of Prof. Elisabetta Cherchi. This internship is part of the international collaboration in the project “Modeling the election and purchase of cars: empirical study of the characteristics of consumers and assessment of incentives that influence the preferences for consumption of low pollution cars (Electric and Hybrid), Case of Santiago de Chile. “

In this context, Jorge is making corrections to his first paper, which addresses the effect of incentives on preferences for low pollution vehicles, which is in its final stage. Likewise, he is advancing in its second article, which studies the relative valuation of zonal attributes and properties for the residential location of households and their travel behavior. The student is working on data download and construction of discrete choice models, structural equations and testing entropy models for calculation of agglomeration economy densities.

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