UDD hold a welcome ceremony for the new students of the PhD in Social Complexity Sciences

The welcome ceremony of the new students of the PhD in Social Complexity Sciences of the Universidad del Desarrollo was held today.

The program offered by the Faculty of Government of the Universidad del Desarrollo through its Center for Research in Social Complexity (CICS) stands out as the only space in the country dedicated to scientific research from an interdisciplinary perspective, where the theoretical frameworks and the methodological tools of the social sciences are combined with the natural and exact sciences.

The welcoming ceremony was headed by the dean of our faculty Eugenio Guzmán, who on the occasion stressed the importance of having spaces for interdisciplinary study.

Also addressed Jorge Fábrega, director of the doctorate and Victor Landaeta, student of the first generation. He join into our program the year 2014 and he is in the last phase of him doctoral thesis.

On the occasion, the 5 new students of the program were presented, who were especially enthusiastic about the start of this new academic stage.

The new students of the PhD in Social Complexity Sciences are Hugo Contreras, Ingeniero Agrónomo/Magister en Economía Agraria/Magíster en Políticas Públicas, Gabriela Fajardo, socióloga, Yessica Herrera, Bachelor Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences y Master in Neuroethology, Víctor Márquez, Licenciado en Física y Magister Scientiae en Física Fundamental, y Maria Paz Raveau, Ingeniero Civil en Sonido y Acústica y Doctor en Ciencias de la Ingeniería.

The students started their classes at our faculty today.


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