The first Doctor in Social Complexity Sciences of the UDD conducted lectures at the ninth International Conference on Complex Systems

A renowned participation had Cristian Candia Vallejo, the first Doctor of Social Complexity Sciences, at the ninth International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2018), held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, between July 22 and 27, 2018.

The researcher, invested by the Faculty of Government of the Universidad del Desarrollo through its Research Center for Social Complexity (CICS, as its Spanish acronym), was one of the guests at this single instance in the world, which aims to build a bridge between traditional domains of science and real-world systems through interdiscipline .

During the event, the UDD researcher conducted three lectures: 1) Universal decay of human collective memory; 2) Mapping the Higher education system; and 3) Collective memory in physics and innovation: fast forgetting but quicker integration.

Besides his main participation on the ICCS2018, Dr.Candia was part of the organizing committee of two satellite lectures: “How Nations Learn: Knowledge diffusion in society and the economy” and “Network Interventions for social goods”.

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