WORKSHOP | Crazy Ideas Night 2.0

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This is a workshop where everyone will present a crazy idea. As crazy as possible. The only condition is that the idea must be plausible to be tested. We will meet one afternoon and, with the help of a small peck and spirits, each of us will present his crazy idea in an appropriate scientific format in 5 minutes. It will be directed by Tamas David-Barrett and must contain:

1. Introduction: background, review of the literature, hypothesis, a.k.a. the crazy idea.

2. Methods: the proposed way by which the presenter must scientifically prove the crazy idea. It could be a mathematical method, empirical or a mixture. But whatever the method, it has to be scientifically sound.

3. Results: you can prove to yourself, to see if you can get away with it.

4. Discussion: all the consequences that remove science. We will have several prizes, including the Crazy Idea Grand Prize.

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