[PAPER] Cerebral oscillatory activity reflects memory alterations in patients with autism


The NeuroCICS researcher, Josefina Larraín, led a study published by the journal Science Reports, in which the patterns of oscillatory activity in the brain were evaluated in memorization processes of autistic patients. The findings of this research are a contribution to the evaluations of therapies and to improve the working memory of these patients.

Many of our daily activities require keeping certain information in mind. This process is called working memory and is a fundamental part of our cognitive abilities. Every time something demands us to occupy this process of working memory, certain areas of our brain show an activity that is characterized by oscillatory patterns in different frequency ranges. This brain activity is possible to measure through electrodes that can be located on the scalp, a technique called electroencephalography (EEG).

To read the complete work, you can download the paper published in Scientific Reports, Theta and Alpha Oscillation Impairments in Autistic Spectrum Disorder Refect Working Memory Defcit.

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