CICS is awarded with project of Innovation Projects and Teaching Strengthening

PhD researchers Carlos Rodríguez-Sickert and Cecilia Monge-Babich, together with DCCS student Ignacio Toledo were awarded a project for the development of resources for teaching support.

The project, called a didactic artifact for the practical teaching of experimental game theory, seeks to build a machine that allows the playing of game theory games with material sustenance. Participating students will manipulate physical objects which will be distributed according to the parameters of the games of common good and mutual assurance in an electronic programming of the artifact; this will allow them to understand more easily the basic concepts of the classic games of the discipline.

It is expected, moreover, that this artifact can be later used in experimental designs that allow contrasting the results of these games depending on whether they are made in a physical or a digital realm, which would allow the elaboration of an academic publication associated with the project. Likewise, the possibility of patenting the artifact is being explored due to its unique qualities.

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Acreditado por 5 años

Desde julio 2019 hasta julio 2024

Agencia: Acreditado por la Comisión Nacional de Acreditación (CNA)