Director of CICS awarded as co-researcher in FONDECYT project

Carlos Rodríguez-Sickert, Director of our center, will be a co-researcher on the FONDECYT project titled An evolutionary explanation to elucidate the common psychological root between cooperation and aggressiveness: The Male Warrior Hypothesis, led by José Antonio Muñoz from the Center for Advanced Studies at UPLA as main investigator.

For many years, José Antonio has had a close collaborative relationship with CICS, actively participating in the dissemination and research activities of the center which are linked to his line of research, which is mainly the Basis of Human Behavior and the linking of this topic with evolutionary psychology.

The project, which seeks to understand the role of testosterone – as an indicator of mating value in male humans – in acts of cooperation and aggression in contexts of intra-sexual competition; will use methodologies of game theory to measure the different levels of cooperation of men in relation to their hormonal levels.

Carlos will be in charge of the modeling and supervision of the game theory experiments, since he is an expert in this field of mathematics; while the relation to experimental literature associated with evolutionary psychology will be carried out by Ana María Fernández, professor at DCCS and director of the LERI at USACH.

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