Congress of the Future closes with panel composed only by CICS researchers

The panel was titled “Nature of frontiers, frontiers of nature”.

The last panel of the 2017 edition of the Congress of the Future titled “Nature of frontiers, frontiers of nature” was composed only by researchers from the Social Complexity Research Center: Carlos Rodríguez-Sickert, Director of CICS and Tamas David-Barret, International Fellow of the Center, will be part of the exhibitors, while Isabel Benhke, associate professor at CICS, will be the moderator.

Last Saturday from 13:30 p.m, the Congress of the Future began its closure with a panel that explored the essence of frontiers in all of its forms, and how the same nature – including that which defines human beings – is also defined by varied types of frontiers.
Carlos Rodríguez-Sickert addressed this problem by focusing on the boundaries between individuals and “others” that determine, from biology and culture, the capabilities of cooperation between humans. Carlos analyzes how these frontiers – natural and artificial – have determined the way in which cooperation is born, maintained and threatened in Chile. You can watch his lecture here.

Tamas, on the other hand, will address the frontiers that women have faced in relation to men and how these limitations have been overcome in the last decades, predicting that in the future the so-called “weak sex” will display its full potential.

Isabel, in her moderation, will speak of a third frontier, associated with social rules versus human and animal playability, and how the latter will be a determining factor in the challenges of open collaboration that will come in the future.

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