International training for TMS-EEG comes to an end

The training was conducted by an international team from the Brain Support Corporation.

During December 5th and 6th, the specialized training for the operation of the TMS-EGG machine, recently awarded in the FONDEQUIP competition, was carried out at the Social Complexity Research Center (CICS) and its division of neuroscience studies. With this acquisition, UDD becomes the only university in the country to have a TMS-EGG for research.

The training was conducted by an international team from the Brain Support Corporation, bringing together UDD researchers, students of the Doctorate Program in Complexity Sciences of CICS (who are carrying out their neurosciences specialization), as well as outstanding external researchers from Universidad Católica and Universidad de Chile, who were invited to participate in the activity.

Under the name TMS-EEG with Neuronavigation, Multimodal experimental approach the researchers learnt for two days – in addition to the technical operation of the new machinery – what the current state of the world-wide research with TMS machines was, where research is advancing in this area, and what the areas of greatest interest in neuroscience research will be.

You can download the presentations of the activity in this link, and know more about the implications and ethical protocol of the use of TMS in this paper.

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