Carlos Rodriguez-Sickert, Director of CICS, participates in Café del Futuro

As part of the preparatory activities of the Congress of the Future.


As part of the preparatory activities of the Congress of the Future, where Carlos Rodriguez-Sickert will participate as an exhibitor, a series of scientific seminars are being conducted. These seek to generate interdisciplinary dialogues as to bring the general population closer to science.

In the activity, which is supported by the Millennium Science Initiative, the Future Challenges Commission and the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, specific issues will be presented by prominent guest speakers and analyzed by the audience with the help of a moderator.

In the latest congress edition, the issue of Effective Decisions: Complex Systems in daily life was addressed, and among the participants were Professor Rodriguez-Sickert, Javiera Barrera (PhD in Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics), Cristián Huepe (PhD in Physics and member of the Institute of Complex Systems in Chicago), and Jorge Alzamora, Chief of the SEGPRES Modernization and Digital Government and Vicepresident of the Government Directory Laboratory.

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