WORKSHOP | Anne Bliss

Dr. Anne Bliss gave a talk where she gave the keys to write and publish academic papers. The activity, which included doctoral students and researchers from different areas, was very well received by the attendees.

The presentation “International Workshop: Organizing and Writing Your Article” sought to guide researchers and UDD PhD students in writing articles for scientific purposes. Dr. Bliss guided the attendees with the most important points regarding the structure, writing, editing, review and publication of articles. The specialist placed special emphasis on the linguistic differences between Spanish and English, the language most used by the international scientific community.

This initiative is part of the work of reviewing projects and papers that Dr. Anne Bliss has done in the UDD since 2015. In January 2016, Dr. Anne Bliss held in Santiago and Concepción the workshop “Successful Proposal Writing – What Makes a Good Proposal? Thinking, Designing, and Drafting Your Proposals “which was oriented to write proposals of competitive projects.

Ph.D. Anne Bliss is a Emerging Senior Instructor at the University of Colorado at Boulder and has specialized in teaching project writing and research publications, with excellent results.


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